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Weekend Theme: Mentored by Jesus

Audio recordings on this page are in MP3 format, and will open with whichever player is set to play these files on your computer. Files are large, so do allow time for them to download. Recording volumes may vary and you may also need to adjust your volume control accordingly. If you have any problems playing the files then this will possibly be due to the setup of your computer, but please report any difficulties to webmaster@ncbc.co.uk and we will try to help.





22nd September (Fri)

Session 1: Salt and Light

Rev David Coffey

31 min

23rd September (Sat)

Session 2: Up the Mountain (part 1)

Rev David Coffey

42 min

23rd September (Sat)

Session 3: Up the Mountain (part 2)

Rev David Coffey

53 min

23rd September (Sat)

Session 4: Among the People

Rev David Coffey

45 min

24th September (Sun)

Session 5: By the Grave

Rev David Coffey

52 min

24th September (Sun)

Session 6: On the Beach

Rev David Coffey

54 min